“In challenging economic times, it's critical to minimize the time for service transitions in utility services. Whether it's a disconnect, a reconnect, or a remote read, the Nighthawk solution for the Itron drive by, walk by market puts us in total control. With the savings generated by Nighthawk, we are both able to save jobs, and improve service levels to our citizens.” -- Brian M. Forrester, Director, Information Systems, City of Greer, SC


CENTRONⓇ II Metering Partner enabling Point to point Prepay and remote disconnect for existing Itron North American AMR Networks. Click Here.

CEO 950 two-way collar now enables prepay and remote disconnect for one-way RF and AMR solutions via existing utility software. Click Here.

The Latest News

Nighthawk releases a Mesh-Cellular AMI Communications Upgrade for Commercial and Industrial Electric Meters

Nighthawk releases a Mesh-Cellular AMI Communications Upgrade for Commercial and Industrial Electric Meters These Mesh-Cellular AMI commercial meters are designed to provide remote meter communications by simply replacing the communications boards inside your existing end-of-life commercial GSM/GPRS cellular meters. Read full Story

Nighthawk launches Consumer Engagement Utility Portal

Nighthawk launches Consumer Engagement Platform that utilizes the award winning “Cloud” based WebConnect™ service. It is a full engagement and communications platform that delivers messaging and real time usage data in a variety of easy to understand graphs as well as opportunities and tips for customers to reduce their monthly costs and usage. Read full Story

Nighthawk Announces the RDG960 Mesh-Cellular Smart Grid Module available for use in GE’s I-210 Meters

The RDG960 has been developed to be utilized in GE’s I-210 meters. Nighthawk’s Cellular-Mesh technology allows utilities to take advantage of public communication infrastructure, offering advanced solutions for their most challenging problems. Read full Story

Extend Your Reach

Our unique, "WebConnect" system allows you to remotely turn meters or other devices off and on with a simple "click". All this, plus your choice of 2-way (or 1-way) communications, depending upon your needs.

Save Money

Rural service territory?  Tough to get to urban locations?  No longer a concern with Nighthawk.  Implement this solution quickly and start reducing operations & maintenance costs. Our solution makes your AMR solution more valuable, and your AMI investment much more affordable.