Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

We offer a range of solutions that provide the means of controlling operating costs and improving your efficiency.

In today’s challenging economic environment, it is more important than ever to find ways to reduce unnecessary costs. At Nighthawk, we automate some of the most challenging tasks, bringing immediate cost savings. These solutions are fully scalable and can be used anywhere from urban to rural environments.

Cost Effective

Applying control where it is needed the most offers the greatest return on investment for both companies and consumers. Nighthawk solutions can be applied on a tactical basis for the greatest value. Most applications require no infrastructure build out, so our customers can target their most costly locations where ever they may be within their service territory.


Our solutions don’t come in an all-or-nothing approach. Nighthawk allows users to start on a scale that’s right for them and expands only when they need to. Whether in multiple units in an apartment complex or a single device in rural settings our remote Reporting, Management and Control products offer the same value.


Working with a variety of communication and product options, Nighthawk solutions can be used as easily and seamlessly from urban to rural areas. Multiple solutions are then presented in a simple format through our web-based WebConnect™ software.