Outage Management

Outage Notification Alerts with Mapping

When Nighthawk meters experience a power outage, they use their "last gasp" stored power (capacitors, no batteries) to notify the online web system, known as Utility WebConnect™, that "Grid Power Failed." Upon receipt of this message, Utility WebConnect makes a map available online with red balloons showing the addresses that have been entered in the system for the meters reporting an outage. At the utilitys option, WebConnect can also issue a text message to a cell phone or an email to alert utility personnel that meters have reported an outage, all within the first minute of the power outage.

Integration with Billing Systems and Third-Party Prepay Solutions

Nighthawk.s WebConnect system can integrate smoothly with a variety of billing systems and prepay solutions (e.g., NISC, PayGo, etc.) using its CSV meter readings upload files and industry standard meter control interfaces.

Meeting Strict Computer Security Requirements

Both Nighthawk.s Utility WebConnect cloud software and the Nighthawk RD (Remote Disconnect) module inside the Itron C2SXD meter have been designed to meet strict security requirements.

Trust Center

Extensive security measures prevent unauthorized access to customer information within the Utility WebConnect application and through its API (Application Programming Interfaces), including industry standard techniques for Internet access procedures, SSL transaction protection, and content encryption over the cellular network.

Device Level Security

Nighthawk.s cellular communications use a closed system in that these SIM cards cannot be called by rogue operators nor can a rogue SIM card function within the Nighthawk device. Threat Penetration Testing: Nighthawk.s system has been reviewed and .attacked. by the High Assurance Computing Center (.HAC-NET.), operated by the Computer Engineering Department of the Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Nighthawk.s Utility Web-Connect system has received high marks for its invulnerability to external hacking attacks.