Prepaid Metering

At Nighthawk, we believe that prepay should be a win-win for both the utility and the customer.

The utility benefits greatly by reducing delinquent payments, improving contact center metrics, improving customer satisfaction, and reducing collection costs and effort.

Customers benefit by being able to better manage their accounts, pay when they want to, avoid reconnection charges, and eliminate collection calls.

Working with prepayment partners, Nighthawk offers both meter, and collar-based solutions. This allows utilities everywhere to incorporate prepay no matter what type of CIS or MDM system they employ.

No need for expensive pay stations or dedicated meters that need to be removed if a new account is activated.

Nighthawk's unique solution is truly compelling to all prepay providers. The engineering of our communications and the flexibility of accessing reads or having the meter "phone" home to tell the consumer when their prepaid funds will expire, make us the logical choice for this rapidly growing utility option. One existing partner is PayGo Electric. We anticipate integration with all major prepay providers.

Features and Benefits

  • Proven to reduce energy consumption by increasing awareness
  • Consumers consumption details and available credit
  • Systems can be operated stand alone or integrated with utility billing
  • Rules-based intelligence allows for customized control by the utility
  • Utility controls disconnect and reconnect process
  • Allows numerous payment methodologies defined by utility
  • Payments can be made 24x7x365 for customer convenience
  • Eliminates the need for utility deposits
  • Customized alarms before depletion