A New Adaptable AMI

Adaptiv®, Nighthawk’s next-generation AMI solution for utilities eliminates the complexity and burdens of infrastructure while providing a robust platform delivering secure and expanded capabilities.  Utilities can build-out their network any way they want regardless of propagation studies or tower locations. Significantly improves customer service without having to add high paid IT staff to payroll.  Utilities can now focus on their core business and let Adaptiv grow at any rate needed as budgets allow while continuing to reduce operating costs.

Municipal utilities can now take advantage of a flexible platform while laying the groundwork for the city’s future IoT needs.  As the city’s smart grid needs evolve Adaptiv is designed to change with you continuing to add economic benefits.  Adaptiv’s next-generation mesh technology provides exceptional capacity allowing for expanded smart city initiatives.

The new Adaptiv Link meters leverage the best of class ANSI products from Itron and Aclara while combining two-way communications, security and redundancy at no additional cost.  Add to that the Adaptiv hosted software and you have a full featured smart grid solution designed to deliver an exceptional ROI with minimal effort.


                                         Adaptiv® Products