Nighthawk offers utilities a flexible path to achieving a full two-way read system. Nighthawk meters feature Mesh-Cellular communications which allow you to address your areas of highest need first and work with your existing meters in the field and your MDM and Billing systems. These features allow for incremental deployment at any pace desired. Address areas of spotty coverage on your existing system, Net Metering applications, or just enjoy the savings of a two-way read system where you need them most.

Build your system as needed, adding pre-pay, pay-as-you-go, voltage monitoring, outage management and other advanced features where needed.

Nighthawk offers you Flexibility, Affordability, and Ease of Use

  • Cellular & Mesh Cellular AMI

  • Cellular ERT collectors

  • Water ERT Collection

  • Gas ERT Collection

  • Cellular Disconnect and Prepay

  • Cellular Capacitor Bank Controllers

  • Consumer Engagement & Communication portals