Cloud based management platform - WebConnect™

Secure, simple to use interface for Nighthawk devices

Utility WebConnect™ has been developed to provide an easy-to-use interface to allow utility users to manage their Nighthawk devices in the field.

The web-based interface requires minimal setup and no integration with IT infrastructure. WebConnect works with many billing systems via either its CSV (comma separated values) report format or its MultiSpeak compliancy.

Whether controlling a single device or thousands, nothing could be easier then our WebConnect software. Connect / Disconnect and many other features, depending on the device, are just a click away. Users can even control different device types from a single WebConnect account. No matter how far away, or how difficult premises access is, total control is at your fingertips.

Current status, recent activity, and even detailed history are available for each customer. The WebConnect system offers full reporting capability as well including activity of individuals or all activities for a selected period of time.

Utilities can have unlimited users with various levels of authority, as established by the system administrator. This allows utilities to set limits by job function if desired. Reports can be limited as well, so that users can only see their own activity.

With strict security and advanced encryption, utilities can be ensured that their data is only available to approved users and that their devices can be accessed only by authorized persons through WebConnect.

Nighthawk WebConnect Software

  • Secure encrypted interface ensuring only utility personnel have access
  • Easy-to-read customer information screen for all deployed Nighthawk devices
  • Detailed information on account status as well as history
  • Multiple Users controlled by customer's system administrator
  • Control both cellular and paging devices through a single interface
  • System setup allows for universal settings
  • Outage notification for two-way field cellular devices with email or cell phone text message alerts on both outage and power up events
  • See and manage available inventory
  • Units can be removed from field and re-issued

Supporting Documents