Nighthawk MESH Smart Meter - Itron form - RDM960

The RDM Series provides wireless, remote two-way control for residential power management and metering.


Dynamic, self-configuring, mesh-radio-networked meters clustered around a cellular gateway meter, which routes commands and alerts back and forth between the meters and Nighthawk's award-winning and Cloud-based WebConnect™ meter command screens.

With a few computer mouse clicks, you can map your mesh network, remotely disconnect or reconnect with positive confirmation, or retrieve meter readings in under 30 seconds or as prescheduled.

Solutions for:

  • Prepay customers, integration with prepay billing systems
  • Inaccessible meters: fences, hostile people, or animals
  • High turnover residences: dormitories, apartments
  • Delayed payment customers
  • Surgical use for dead spots in existing AMR/AMI systems
  • Revenue grade meter for solar installations


  • Web-based remote read, disconnect, reconnect
  • ERT drive-by / walk-by AMR (both SCM and IDM)
  • Amperage and 30/30 service limit options
  • Outage and tamper notification alerts with mapping
  • Changeable threshold "sag-swell" voltage alerts
  • Time-of-use data for load profiles or demand billing
  • Reports and data downloads in PDF or CSV formats
  • On-demand or pre-scheduled batch commands
  • Demand response program to shed load
  • Countdown-2-Cutoff for prepay or electric vehicle charging
  • Future-proofed: over-the-air firmware upgrades
  • Back-feed detection and able to re-zero the meter


  • Saves money on expensive truck rolls
  • Keeps utility personnel out of harm's way
  • Lowers risk and liability for accidents
  • Improves service response with outage and voltage alerts with email and cell phone options
  • Service limits let you manage challenging accounts, even during moratorium periods
  • System-wide coverage with no infrastructure build-out enables incremental meter rollouts
  • Mesh hopping extends range of mesh meter installations beyond cellular coverage limits
  • Industry-standard functionality integrates these meters into many billing systems
  • Meters will meet growing requirements as you download and activate additional functionality
  • Reduces damaging socket wear

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