Remote Disconnect

Nighthawk’s Cellular Remote Disconnect solutions provide utilities
with a cost effective approach to managing challenging customer accounts with Cellular AMI technology

Increasing demand for energy and limited new generation continue to create both upward price pressure on electricity as well as a resurgent interest in load management, sustainability, and renewable energy. This is true not only in North America but also in other parts of the world such as Asia where dynamic growth has fueled a need for resources of all types. These factors will undoubtedly create renewed interest in Cellular / Mesh-Cellular Metering and remote management products such as those offered by Nighthawk as well as significant interest in the rapid adoption of prepaid electricity solutions.

NEW – 3 Phase Disconnect —  “In-line 100 amp disconnect  solution”

meter solutionMeter Solutions – SCM or IDM

Nighthawk’s feature-rich meter products provide utilities a total solution. Remote connect and disconnect is as simple as a click of the mouse. Full bi-directional communications allow the utility to turn on/turn off and verify the current status any time. Just plug the meter in a live socket and you are on the network. Save money on field visit, keep utility personnel out of dangerous and unpleasant situations, and reduce arrears.

collar solutionCollar Solutions

Nighthawk collar solutions are perfect retrofit devices. They can be installed behind any 2S or 12S meter adding Disconnect / Reconnect functionality with no impact on the meter or AMR system. Nighthawks products always break power on the load side and never turn off the AMR radio or prevent the utility from getting a visual read. With our easy to use WebConnect software you can have our CEO collars up and running in a matter of minutes.

The CEO Series collar-based disconnect solutions offer a tactical approach to remote power management.

The CEO Series can be used behind any residential meter without any impact on an installed AMR system. Once installed expensive truck rolls, after hours reconnects and putting utility personnel in dangerous positions become a thing of the past.

By nature collar solutions are a great way to tactically solve connect / disconnect problems. Mounted behind the meter they can be used with any residential meter or AMR system. No full system change out, no need to upgrade to 2 way AMR. The internal switch breaks power on the load side allowing the meter and AMR system to stay energized so reading are never affected.

Using 2-way public Cellular communication options there is no infrastructure to build out. Just install them where they are needed and they’re ready to go. Our Mesh-Cellular Metering extends available range long past that of other products. The CEO device offers a quick payback on investment, typically a year or less.

The CEO comes with 2-way Cellular Metering and provides the utility with direct confirmation of status.

For more then a decade utilities have been implementing collar solutions with cost-effective, safe results.

Extend Your Reach

Our unique, "WebConnect" system allows you to remotely turn meters or other devices off and on with a simple "click". All this, plus your choice of 2-way (or 1-way) communications, depending upon your needs.

Save Money

Rural service territory?  Tough to get to urban locations?  No longer a concern with Nighthawk.  Implement this solution quickly and start reducing operations & maintenance costs. Our solution makes your AMR solution more valuable, and your AMI investment much more affordable.