Adaptiv™ Scalable AMI

Adaptiv™ Scalable AMI & Hosted Software is the zero‑infrastructure smart meter solution designed to deliver exceptional ROI and a seamless user experience.

Adaptiv™ eliminates the complexity and burdens of infrastructure while providing a robust, scalable, multi-commodity platform. Utilities can easily customize their networks as needed, regardless of propagation studies or tower locations. Our hosted software solution is user-friendly, mobile-ready, and significantly improves customer service without requiring the addition of IT staff. Adaptiv™ is a full-featured smart grid AMI solution designed to eliminate the complexities of AMI, while delivering exceptional ROI with minimal effort.


Intuitive, User-Friendly Interface

Easy to navigate GUI, with full capability for over-the-air configurations and upgrades to firmware

Zero-Infrastructure Security

Avoid complex costly infrastructure with a secure and reliable solution made to adapt to your needs

Adaptable & Flexible

Enjoy immediate AMI benefits knowing Adaptiv™ can accommodate roll-outs when you’re ready

Focus on what you do best, and let Adaptiv™ do the rest.

Our unique zero-infrastructure solution enables incremental or rapid deployment and provides the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. Nighthawk products are trusted worldwide in a variety of mission critical applications, including hardened and secure utility control. Contact us today to learn more or request a product demo.

The Adaptiv™ Advantage

  • Zero Infrastructure - No Towers or Repeaters
  • Scalable Deployment
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • Voltage Monitoring
  • On-demand Remote Reads Multi-Commodity
  • Secure, User-Friendly Hosted Software
  • Prepay Integration
  • Predictive Billing
  • Outage & Restoration Alerts
  • Remote Connect & Disconnect

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